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Rooms & Suites

On the turquoise lagoon, or on the pink sand, what will you choose? The Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort offers 12 Beach Bungalows, 9 Overwater Bungalows, 7 Premium Overwater Bungalows, 8 Overwater Suites and 1 one-bedroom Beach Villa with private pool.

Each of them is built in traditional Polynesian style, giving pride of place to natural materials such as bamboo and teak, as well as niau (weaved coconut palm fronds), the islands’ symbolic material.

All bungalows at the Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort are very spacious (suites range from 590 to 1,000 square feet, while the villa is 1,290 square feet), most of them feature air conditioning and all are equipped with ceiling fans, a private deck, a minibar, a tea and coffee set, and satellite TV.

Deposit and Cancellation Information
Payment policy
A deposit of one night is required to guarantee your reservation.
Payment will be made within 24 hours after booking.
The remaining balance will be paid to the hotel upon check-in.

Check-in and Check-out
- Check-in is from 2:00pm (14h00)
- Check-out is until 11:00am (11h00)

Cancellation and No Show Policy
All cancellations shall be notified in writing.

The following cancellation fees shall apply:
- Bookings cancelled up to 14 days prior to scheduled arrival date at the Resort: No penalty
- Bookings cancelled within 14 days prior to the scheduled day of arrival at the Resort: A 1 night cancellation fee at contract rate plus applicable taxes
- Bookings cancelled on the day of arrival at the resort or during the stay will be charged in full. There will be no refund for stays shorter than scheduled.
- Travel insurance is highly recommended

No Show & Reduced Stays:
- The full stay plus applicable taxes and arrival boat transfers will be charged
- There will be no refund (for unused nights) in the case of no-show guests arriving on unscheduled dates and undertaking a shorter stay than scheduled
- Travel insurance is highly recommended

Rates includes:
VAT: 5%
RPT: 5%
Service Charge: 5%

Rate does not include:
City Tax: 150 XPF Per Person, payable on check-out.

Refund Policy
No refund will be made for whole or partial stay components confirmed and not utilized after arrival at the Resort. Should cancellation be the fact of Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort, guests will be accommodated by Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort, at the resort’s expense, in equivalent properties available (this shall not exceed the total amount of the stay paid by the guests).

Force Majeure
If for any reason beyond its control, the Resort is unable to perform any obligation within this agreement and such failure is caused by (and not limited to) acts of God or war, strikes, fire, Government regulations, disaster, civil disorder, curtailment of transportation facilities or any other extraordinary occurrences making it illegal or impossible to provide service, such non-performance is excused and the Resort may terminate reservations without any further liability.

Transfers are available only from and to Tikehau Airport. These are charged 4300 XPF per person, each way. Children under 13 years old are free of charge. Please inform Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort in advance if you want to use this service, using the contact details found on the booking confirmation.

Festive Season Dinners
Please note that there are compulsory dinners on 24 December and 31 December which will be billed to you as a supplement to your room rate. For more information please contact the property using the contact details found on the booking confirmation.

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